......Our History
The Pipe Club of London was
formed in 1970 in association
with the late Pipe Club of Great
Britain with a view to encourage
the appreciation of quality pipes
and fine tobaccos, and, to
promote the interests of
members by offering them social
entertainment and educational
facilities connected with pipes
and tobacco.

The Club is truly international in
scope, having approximately 300
members in 26 countries and
visitors to this website from 145
nations around the world.

Meetings are held at various
venues in and around the greater
London metropolitan area. Please
click on the Club Calendar tab for
specific venues, dates and times.

All pipe smokers whether novice
or expert, men or ladies are
welcome to attend. Activities
include tobacco tasting, talks on
pipes and tobaccos, pipe-
smoking competitions, visits
to pipe factories--and the
camaraderie of like-minded
pipe smokers. [More
Club Officers
 Life President
Peter C. Wiseman UK050L
& 1st Lady Bridgette Wiseman
Tel. 01689 607528

Bernard Allotey UK372F
Tel. 0795 0605617

 Vice Chairman
Gottfried Panzer UK165L
Tel. 0208 8470983

Secretary & Treasurer
John Green UK270L

Public Relations Officer
David Buist UK678F

Journal Editor
Laurence Kothari UK439F
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Committee Members
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1. James J. Fox
2nd Tuesday of each month.
Website: www.jjfoxpipes.co.uk
19 St. James's Street
London SW1A 1ES

Time: 6:00 ~ 8:00 pm

"Pipe Dreams" HERE
James J. FoxYouTube Channel: HERE

2. The Swan
3rd Saturday of each
- but always check our Club
Calendar for details of away events.

121 The High Road - Horndon-on-the-Hill
SS17 8LD

Time: 11:30 am
for a 12:00 pm
for a map.

Read online reviews for the pub
playwright and devoted pipeman
A. A. Milne could have been yours  
for the paltry sum of £6.95 million.
Blimey! A. A. who?

Alan Alexander Milne was born in
January of 1882 in Hampstead,
Middlesex (that's an
bona fide area
in England for you foreigners who
are cackling over the name).

A WW1 veteran of MI7, a novelist
and playwright of some note, the
ety of all his previous works
were soon overshadowed by the
fame of his universally loved
characters, Winnie-the-Pooh, Piglet,
Tigger and dear Eeyore who roamed
the Hundred Acre Wood with their
young human friend Christopher
Robin -  named for A. A. and
Dorothy's only child. One of Milne's
teachers was none other than H.G.
Wells, but, we'll let you remmage
about in the fascinating details of
his life
HERE and learn more of the
sale of Christoper Robin's childhood

We introduced Milne primarily to
get  you into a delightful excerpt
from his collection of essays,
that it matters,"
as one of them
speaks to the subject of pipe brand
snobbery. And, just, to prove that
we bear his target marque no ill will,
I own two of them, and gifted my
son with one on his 40th birthday.

Curiosity piqued? Continue in the
columns at left.
At eighteen I went to Cambridge,
and bought two pipes in a case.
In those days Greek was compulsory,
but not more so than two pipes in a
case. One of the pipes had an amber
stem and the other a vulcanite stem,
and both of them had silver belts.
That also was compulsory. Having
bought them, one was free to smoke
cigarettes. However, at the end of
my first year I got to work seriously
on a shilling briar, and I have smoked
that, or something like it, ever since.

In the last four years there has
grown up a new school of pipe-
smokers, by which (I suspect) I am
hardly regarded as a pipesmoker at
all. This school buys its pipes always
at one particular shop; its pupils
would as soon think of smoking a
pipe without the white spot as of
smoking brown paper. So far are
they from smoking brown paper that
each one of them has his tobacco
specially blended according to the
colour of his hair, his taste in revues,
and the locality in which  he lives.

The first blend is naturally not the
ideal one. It is only when he has
been a confirmed smoker for at least
three months, and knows the best
and worst of all tobaccos, that his
exact requirements can be satisfied.

However, it is the pipe rather than
the tobacco which marks him as...
HERE to continue.]
Tuesday 14 April
James J. Fox, est. 1787
19 St. James's Street (A4)
London SW1A 1ES
Club Meetings
AD you been of a
buying mood in March
the Grade II listed
former home of novelist,
Smoking as a Fine Art
               by A. A. Milne

My first introduction to Lady Nicotine
was at the innocent age of eight,
when, finding a small piece of some-
body else's tobacco lying unclaimed on
the ground, I decided to experiment
with it.

Numerous desert island stories had
told me that the pangs of hunger
could be allayed by chewing tobacco;
it was thus that the hero staved off
death before discovering the bread‐
fruit tree.

Every right‐minded boy of eight
hopes to be shipwrecked one day, and
it was proper that I should find out for
myself whether my authorities could
be trusted in this matter. So I chewed
the tobacco.

In the sense that I certainly did not
desire food for some time afterwards,
my experience justified the authorities,
but I felt at the time that it was not so
much for staving off death as for
reconciling oneself to it that tobacco‐
chewing was to be recommended. I
have never practised it since. [go left]
The 2015 Club Pipe
from Ian Walker of Northern Briars
Click HERE for details.
20 FEBRUARY 2015
For Photos Click HERE!
New Saturday Venue for 2015
Saturday 18 April
THE SWAN (Full Details At Left)
Bring your Meerschaums