Assorted Calabashes

Edwardian era but for the Pioneer, top row, third from right, and the 1950s Kaywoodie, top row right, and the South African in the rear. All are made from the calabash gourd, all of which are from Africa.

Cased Calabash

Pristine and unsmoked. From the John D. Green collection #UK 270L

Samuel Clemens

Samuel Clemens (“Mark Twain”) with his calabash. Both Clemens and England’s King Edward VII died in the same year – 1910.

Karoo Calabash

Silver mounted. Hallmarked W.H. 1908 Birmingham, England Maker – Wm. Harrison. Calabash gourds (“bottle gourds” – were grown on the Little Karoo River in South Africa by Boer farmers who exported them – cut & dried – to England for fitting with bowls and mouthpieces. The heyday of the calabash was 1905 to 1915 after which the briar began to … Read More