The Humble Corncob Goes Posh

The aristocrat of corncobs – the ARISTOCOB, an Art Deco style aluminium system pipe with replaceable corncob inserts. Circa 1963. A gift from Jason Shelton Smith to the Johnny Long collection.

Corncob – political campaign giveaway?

The label reads: “VOTE FOR Carl J. Otto for CONGRESSMAN 47”. I rang up the company in the US to inquire as to the history of this pipe. They stated that the Otto family once owned Missouri Meerschaum, and from multiple photos including the vintage design of the label, confirmed the pipe’s authenticity. They were unaware, however, that any of … Read More

The Corncob Pipe (from Wikipedia)

“Corncob” pipes made from maize cobs are cheap and effective, even if some regard them as inelegant. The cobs are first dried for two years. Then they are hollowed out to make a bowl shape. The bowls are dipped in a plaster-based mixture and varnished or lacquered on the outside. Shanks made from pine wood are then inserted into the … Read More

History of the Corncob Pipe

The corncob is a humble American invention. John Schranke, a Dutch immigrant farmer living in Washington, Missouri, first whittled pipes from corncobs as a hobby. In 1869, Schranke brought one of his creations to the shop of a friend, Henry Tibbe. Tibbe improved the pipe by filling in the uneven surfaces with plaster of paris, and then he began to … Read More