Assorted Vestas

Victorian & Edwardian era. Variously made of brass, Guta percha (bakelite), and sterling silver. The Punch and Warwick Bear vestas are of the “go to bed” variety. Upon retiring, one strkes a match and places it in the vertical holder to illuminate the bed. Vestas were functional, not merely decorative. In the era prior to the invention of the safety … Read More

Edward VII vesta

Brass – in the shape of a book – Opens top and bottom – very rare. Dates betw. 1902 & 1910 (E VII died 1910). The guta percha Royal vestas are quite rare, the brass ones, very rare. Shown here with an English 2 Pound coin. From the collection of: John Wade Long, Jr. PCoL #UK603F

Trench Art

1933 Irish Penny coin split in half and inset into a large brass nut. Size: H. 2 ” (54mm) x W. 1.5″ (41mm) From the Johnny Long collection – UK603F


Three vintage slide-type flint & petrol pipe lighters. Left to right: 1. Nimrod – aluminium, circa 1947 from the Ward-Nimrod Co., Cincinatti, Ohio, USA. 2. Flamidor – aluminium, stamped on bottom filler cap “Made in England” – similar to the Flambeau Flamidors made in France. 3. Corona – probably of pre-WW2 Japanese manufacture. From the Johnny Long collection – UK603F

Harley-Davidson “Patriotic Eagle” Zippo

Solid brass Harley-Davidson “Patriotic Eagle”. The classic Zippo is a versatile little beast. Your favourite standard size (non-slim) lighter can be retro-fitted with a pipe lighter insert. This lighter replaces an identical one lost on a forest walk in 2007. It’s an efficient pipe lighting tool and also serves as a tribute to my one and only mistress, a 2003 … Read More