Cameron LeCocq – US371F

Hailing from the United States

Hello all,

I’ve smoked pipes on and (mostly) off for 30 years, but in the last several years have really gotten the bug. I am also a collector, of sorts, and currently have around 70. Some are new, but most are 50s and 60s estate pipes (Dunhill, Kaywoodie, Hilson, to name a few) I’ve restored to glory. I keep trying tobaccos, just for fun, and currently have far too many types and amounts to smoke in the next 10 years, but I keep getting more! I’m a contributor at I have several pipes in the “pipeline” to restore, which I’ll start getting to this winter. My current favorite leaf is Eastfarthing, a bright, aromatic English. I do tend to favor crossovers, rather than full aromatics or English tobaccos. I’m glad to be here!