Nicolas Obitz – D2773F

Hailing from Wetzlar, Germany

Dear members of the Pipe Club of London,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is an honor for me to introduce myself to you as a new member of this time-honored club and I am very proud to be part of this community from now on.

My name is Nicolas Obitz and I live in the small and very old but beautiful city of Wetzlar in the heart of Germany about 60 kilometers north of Frankfurt am Main. I am 25 years old today. I started smoking pipes at the tender age of 15 and since then, I just canĀ“t let go this incredible fascination. For the tenth anniversary of my pipe smoking career, I now think it is the right time to join this illustrious circle.

I think there are two groups of pipe enthusiasts: the first group are the tobacco disciples and the second group are the brothers of the Briar. I definitely belong to the latter and so I have been able to build up a fairly sizable collection of the wooden gems over the past ten years. As a school student I of course did not have that much money available and started my collection with serial pipes, with the entry into professional life there were some special editions and annual pipes and now, thanks to a good job with a reasonable salary, I have some high grades in my collection – Add pieces by Danish freehand artists or British luxury pipes like Dunhill etc., so that I can now proudly say that my pipe collection has a much greater value than my car … and the journey goes on and on and on.

I have been able to continuously expand my knowledge in recent years. Be it through meetings with pipe friends, visits to pipe makers, my work in our regional pipe shop, or through books and the Internet. I can also be found at the world’s largest trade fair, the Intertabac in Dortmund, year after year. I hope to meet like-minded people here and make new friends.

One day I will travel to the United Kingdom and introduce myself to you personally. Until then, as now, I sit in my living room and enjoy a glass of Madeira wine (this pearl in the Atlantic Ocean is my second great passion), smoke an Eltang filled with my favorite tobacco and look forward to everything that comes.