R. P. Haran – IND003F

Hailing from New Delhi, India

Hi. This is R.P. Haran from New Delhi India. I have been smoking Pipes and Cigars for the past over eight years. What started off as a casual experiment graduated to a full fledged hobby and passion. I am a resident of New Delhi and of late my interest in things associated to Pipes and its rituals have escalated to religious proportions and in the process I have formed a WhatsApp Pipe and Cigar Club and the members form all over the country and US interact regularly and once the COVID restrictions cease we plan to physically meet and discuss and exchange matters of mutual interest wherein Pipe will be topping the same. I have also started collecting and buying Pipes and as of today I have an inventory of over Forty Pipes along with assorted brands of Aromatic and Non Aromatic Blend Tobaccos. Though distance would make it difficult for me to be physically present in your meetings and functions but I feel to be in the company of veteran Pipers in itself is an honor…. Lastly I feel this great tradition with an old world Charm is slowly loosing its its lure but thanks to institution like yours and many Pipe lovers the passion is once again picking up.