Scott Markwood – US351A

Hailing from Trinity, NC U.S.

Hi, I’m Scott. My bride of almost 40 years and I live in the middle of North Carolina, USA and by day I am a corporate trainer for a German cabinet hardware company but by night we operate a little e-commerce company called “Aristocob”. I’ve been enjoying sweet-smoking Missouri Meerschaum corn cob smoking pipes since the early 1980’s and after several years of switching back and forth from corn cob pipes to briar pipes I finally gave-in to the fact that I just like cob the best! I post videos on Youtube under Aristocob, MMBClub (Markwood Men’s Breakfast Club) and MyGrowthRings and am interested in all things sales, marketing and like to dabble in social media, but mostly with video. I am primarily an aromatic smoker, and have smoked my weight in Lane 1Q, which, if you ever meet me you will see is quite a lot of tobacco!