Thomas Stingl – D2781A

Hailing from Germany

My name is Thomas, I am 44 and proudly surrounded by my four kids (16, 14, 6 and 3), my wife and two cats.

My life as a pipe smoker began when I bought my first pipe at the age of 15. I spent all my easter money to buy myself a rusticated Adsorba 9mm. As my father and grandfather have been smoking pipes it was more a natural thing, maybe fate, to happen. I still can remember this wonderful, sweet smell from the original Rum and Maple they have smoked that time. For my beginning I could not have selected something worse than that R&M – so at the age of 15 I was very disappointed by my burning tongue. But step by step all good came true and I have found my way through the world of tobacco.

Just lately I became the operator of one of the few left German Pipe Communities called In my experience a big amount of the people who are new to pipe smoking have problems just when they start and after two weeks of unsatisfying smoke (maybe because of the wrong pipe, maybe because of the wrong tobacco) they give up. And this is exactly the point where we’d like to give support.

My favorite Tobaccos – well I try everything! But with Gawith Hoggarth (Westmorland Slice, Ennerdale) and HU Tobacco (Fayyum, Zulu, Haymaker) I’d be ready to start living on a lonesome island. For some Virginias C&D is lovely as well but overall, even more difficult to get here in Germany.